Not fast enough for you huh? How about now?

With this updated I've focused on implementing features requested by people playing Snake vs Snake. That's why I've added support for up to 6 players and also added the ability to customize battle mode by setting how fast the snakes should move, their length and set the win condition. Here is a sample of the 6 player battle mode running at INSANE speed. 

Another thing that has been fully implemented is the new UI menu system and the awesome new logo. 

A bunch of tiny things were changed like the ability to use a power-up by pressing A button even if the slot is empty but you have a power-up in slot B. 

I hope that you will enjoy the new update and keep sending feedback in our  Discord Server.

Complete change log

* New Feature: Battle mode ends when a player reaches a certain score.
* New feature: Customizable battle mode, select Snake speed, length and number of wins required to win.
* Improved: Added 6 Player battlemode.
* Improved: New menu UI.
* Improved: In Tail runner you start with 2 invincibility power-ups.
* Improved: Apples expire on Endless so no more cheating and hording apples in the center of the level.
* Improved: Support for lower case names in the leaderboard.
* Improved UI: When going back in a menu you will be at the same place in the menu as you left.
* Improved: Reduced sfx volume of slow down powerup.
* Improved: Pressing A or B you can see a waves emoji to help you easier understand which Snake you are controlling.
* Improved: When playing battle mode you get more time to join the game before the count down starts.
* Improved: Adding AI players was a little bit slow at times. Speeded up the process.
* Improved: When a player wins in battle mode the Px Wins text is displayed with the same colors as the winners snake.
* Improved: If you only have a power-up in slot B but user presses A then Power-up B will be activated.

* Fixed Bug: Controllers kept rumbling when you died at times.
* Fixed bug: AI players controllers rumbled.
* Fixed bug: Your name is not allowed to contain line breaks as it messes with the leaderboard.
* Fixed bug: If player do not enter a name they'll get a random one instead of being called "Here".

If you like Snake vs Snake please stop by on our Discord Server and suggest any crazy idea that you may have.


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Version 14 Nov 28, 2018

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