New Pew Pew guns only multiplayer game mode

Everyone loves the "gun" power-up in Snake vs Snake. So in this updated there is a treat for you: a new mode called Pew Pew that comes in two flavors either with tail or without tail. The gif below says it all, it's proper but fun chaos.  

A new easier levels have been added and several levels have been made slightly easier as many of you have sent feedback that levels were a bit too hard. 

Pew Pew with tails. 

Pew Pew without tails. 

Details of what's new in v1.1.4

* New Feature: New multiplayer game mode with just guns, Pew Pew.
* New Feature: New multiplayer game mode where powerups spawn in the center of the map, Arena.
* Added a new level making it a total of 17 levels.
* Improved: Made some levels a bit easier.
* Improved: New option if you want to play in offline mode under settings. No high scores are submitted if you use this.
* Improved: If an AI is playing it will say AI next to the player number.
* Fixed Bug: if no internet and high score is cached it still shows but doesn’t clear if you switch game mode.
* Fixed Bug: If no internet the rank says 10 000.
* Fixed bug: Controllers could "hang" with the rumbling active when snakes died.

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