Pro or rookie pilot? No worries we've got you covered!

One of the big design goals of Missile Dash is that I want both arcade type of players to enjoy the game while also offering something for the more seasoned arcade flight players and still not making the game into the a pure simulator. 

To do that I've added two different flight modes, one in which you "freely" change your altitude (pro mode) and another where you change altitude of low or very low with a single button press. There is still some work required to make this really good but you can already give it a try and see what you prefer. 

Missions is something I want to include in the game and will be the backbone of the game. Of course you need to be able to hit ground targets so I've added that and a test mission that you can try. 

Missiles have been added to the players arsenal on missions. However they are very stupid at the moment so they might go in a completely different direction than you have intended as they pick the closest enemy. This will be changed in future releases so the they will go straight and will only target enemies that are in their path. 

Destruction is fun so why not add that right? Now you can blow up Palm Trees with your guns but be careful because it means that you can also fly into them. 

Experimental chase camera is also included so give it a try and see how you like that. 

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