Did I say 2D top down? Well I was wrong 3D is the way to go!

After getting some very honest feedback from Kenney I decided to scrap all the graphics of the game and start over in 3D. 

The 2D version of the game was honestly not fun enough for people to actually buy it which is my end goal. 

So after working intensely with converting the game play into 3D here is the initial result.

A little bit more close up of action and you can actually shoot down the missiles that chase you now. 

Here is a recap how the 2D version looked. Very bland and boring compared to the 3D version right? 

Everything has not yet been ported from the 2D version but that should be done during next week hopefully. 

The technology used in Missile Dash 3D is based on the code for Pixel Driver which allows very high pace gameplay even on older hardware. 

Focus for next week will be to re-add the UI and get a main menu up and running. Hopefully we can also do a little online performance tests. 

I'll try to keep building for a WebGL for a while more but in the end this will be a downloadable PC and console game (Nintendo Switch + Xbox One)


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Thanks! :)