Missile Dash - alpha is ready for feedback

Missile Dash is my latest project. Actually it's not really a new project at all since I  released it 2 years ago on Windows Phone but messed up and lost the source code for the game. So 2 years later after anger management classes, I think that I'm ready to give it another go. 

Missile Dash started as a very casual game with the idea that you should escape missiles by dodging them.  The game uses a similar technique as Asteroids where the screen wraps around it self. So if a missile exists on the left side it will appear on the right end of the screen. 

The only problem is that the game feels a little bit meeh and I eventually would like to charge for it. So it needed more things in it do do. So I started to think about old games for NES, SNES and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. I thought wouldn't it be awesome to get a modern version of Desert Strike or Top Gun. So with that idea I made a very basic concept of a mission and I think that it's pretty fun so far. 

There are loads of things to work on and I'd like to work together with you and that's why I released this game in a very early stage so you can be apart of the creation. Try the game and please stop by our Discord Server to give us more feedback and ideas what we can do next. 


MissileDash_WebGL.zip Play in browser
Oct 28, 2018

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