User created missions

Wow that took way longer than I expected but the ability for users to create their own missions is finally here. The tiles you can use to create missions is still very limited and I will focus on expanding them in the coming releases. 

After doing a fairly extensive research I decided to use Amazon S3 to store the levels. However to streamline the process for the player and myself I decided to skip the need to create an account. Instead the player enters their email and a pin code which is used to create a hash that ensures that the creator of a mission is the only person who can actually edit it. This is a similar system that Mario Maker is using but they return a long key that the player is expected to write down. 

When a mission is created for the first time I send a mail with the missions name and pin to the user. This is done on the server side before the hash is created and then the email address is discarded. This makes it safe for the user and also reduces security risks and issues concerning GDPR and such.

The mission "browser" is something that I need to improve in the future so that you can sort missions on ratings, update date, author etc. 

Can't wait to see what kind of missions you will build in the future. I'm fairly certain that they will be better than the ones I've created so far :)


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